Accenture Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Accenture mission statement is “helping our clients create their future.” The statement shows that this company cares about the success of its clients first. It can be expounded using these components:

  1. Making a difference
  2. Improving industries

By devising the most transformative systems, business ideas and strategies for its clients, Accenture helps them to achieve milestones faster and better. That is why it stands as the best in consulting, digital innovations and technological advancements worldwide. The work of Accenture has gained recognitions in numerous industries showing how adaptable the company is. It has influence in life sciences, health, automotive, capital market, banking, travels, and insurance among many others.


The mission and vision statements of Accenture plc shows that the company is aware and conversant with the dynamics of the corporate world. Their emphasis on building constructive relationships through services that are tailored to the needs of individual clients is also an indication of a firm that understands how to effectively run its operations. Accenture has actually recorded an admirable growth trend since 1989 rising into one of the fortune 500 global companies due to these corporate values.

A corporate vision statement focuses on the future, while a corporate mission statement shows how to get there. In this case, the vision statement of Accenture stresses on enabling its clients to unlock their potentials. The mission statement shows they can do this by learning business dynamics. In addition, Accenture makes its work easier through core values that ensure everyone is always committed to the mission and vision of the company.

Vision Statement

Accenture vision statement is “to become one of the world’s leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives.” The emphasis here is about the influence of the company in other sectors. It has the following points:

  1. Global reach
  2. Promoting innovations

Today, Accenture has expanded its company beyond any national boundaries. It is a global corporation with authority in diverse segments. To achieve this, this firm considers innovations and research as its best weapon. In this way, Accenture remains a step ahead of other companies.

Core Values

Accenture core values comprise “stewardship, best people, client value creation, one global network, and respect for the individual and integrity.” With these values guiding Accenture, the organization has developed venerable ways of running its business.

Its practices ensure that all its employees give their all. They also create an environment where clients get maximum benefits while working with Accenture.


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