A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Dive deep into the story of Mission-statement and find out how a seemingly random idea can lead to tremendous success. 

Who we are

Mission-statement is the brainchild of a team of enthusiasts who want to educate and inspire people by collecting and analyzing the mission and vision statements from companies around the world.

Our Story

Our journey from a simple idea to a big project started in 2019 when we were students tasked with creating mission and vision statements for our virtual projects. 

At first, we thought it would be an easy task. All we had to do was to find the mission and vision statements of the world’s most famous companies and create something similar. 

But as we dug deeper, we realized it would be a daunting challenge. Simply collecting companies mission and vision statements and using them as references weren’t enough. 

To gain insight and guidance on how to create something truly exceptional, we needed to find comprehensive analyses of companies mission and vision statements. 

We spent countless hours searching for such analyses. And finally, we understood one simple thing. We were looking for something that didn’t exist.

There was a gap in the market for a resource that could provide students, entrepreneurs, and others with comprehensive analyses of companies mission and vision statements. After realizing that, we decided to take things into our own hands and create a website that would be a go-to resource for anyone looking for in-depth analyses of the mission and vision statements of various companies. 

Now, as you read our story, you should realize that our idea has successfully come to life. We have created a unique resource with a variety of information about the world’s companies mission and vision statements.

Our small idea grew into a big project that has already helped thousands of students and inspired many entrepreneurs to create their unique mission and vision statements. We are proud of our project and will do our best to keep Mission-statement moving forward!

Our Mission & Vision

We are on a mission: to educate and inspire individuals by providing in-depth analyses of the mission and vision statements of companies from all around the world.

Our vision is to become the leading online resource for anyone seeking examples, inspiration and guidance on creating purpose-driven mission and vision statements that reflect their core values.

Worldwide recognition

When we started the project in 2019, we weren’t thinking about worldwide recognition. We just wanted to put our idea into practice and help students like us get the information they needed. 

However, now we understand that we have created something special! The proof of our success is widespread recognition. Just look at the list of websites that link to us:

One day we just believed in ourselves and became famous. Now it’s your turn! Get inspired by Mission-statement and create your own mission and vision statement that will change the world.

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