AARP Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

AARP mission statement is “to empower people to choose how they live as they age.” The statement comprises of these main points:

  1. Improving lives. The company is involved in diverse initiatives that create new solutions for the life challenges facing the population within the age of 50+ years. In fact, the AARP Services component is one of the many ways through which this organization constantly improves the quality of life of the aging population. Moreover, the AARP foundation ensures that no older person suffers the poverty vulnerability.
  2. Exceeding expectations. Other than satisfying the needs of the aging, AARP does more. It gives the aging population with requisite skills an opportunity to contribute to the community development by training them to volunteer in helping children learn as they earn. Today, AARP has over 2, 000 such volunteers.


AARP is an American organization that looks at the needs of the aging population. It was started by Ethel Percy Andus in 1958 with the goal of giving the retirees the freedom to choose how they live as they age. In fact, a similar focus has been emphasized by both its mission and vision statements. These are corporate tools that guide the business operations of a company.

The vision statement identifies a future, while the mission statement brings the strategies to achieve it. In this case of AARP, the vision statement is to create a dependable system for supporting the members as they age. On the other hand, the mission statement underscores the freedom that the members of this body get in their later lives due to the interests they get from AARP. The company also depends on its core values to ensure that it does not deviate from its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

AARP vision statement is creating “a society in which all people live with dignity and purpose, and fulfill their goals and dreams.” It has the following key parts:

  1. Creating a holistic society. In this part, AARP recognizes the importance of taking care of aging due to their vulnerability. That is why it creates programs to empower and connect them to opportunities.
  2. Helping people fulfil their dreams. AARP assures the 50+ years that it is never too late to accomplish their ambitions. In fact, it offers them the chance to impact their communities.

Core Values

AARP core values comprise “impact, innovation, humanity, empowerment and honesty.”

The organization has the mandate to ensure the aging population leads the best life despite all the odds against them. With these core values, AARP creates the confidence that its clients still has time to lead meaningful lives through empowerment.


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